Copy, archive and organise your projects into folders. Keep track of change with the action log


Authors can collaborate on the same projects with access to a library of shared resources.


Create your own colour palettes to provide a consistent theme across all your elearning content


Upload and edit all your images online or choose from a library of stock images to use in your LAB Advanced projects


Add video and audio to bring your projects to life using our StreamV software


Make your elearning interactive and engaging with a variety of easy to build interaction templates

elearning authoring lab advanced

Online rapid authoring. Accessible from any browser, anywhere.

With no software to download, all your projects are stored online for you to access wherever you are.

SCORM compliance learnPro LAB Advanced

It's user-friendly and intuitive, has an ever expanding suite of engaging interactions, and a great help feature for guidance when required... overall a joy to work with!

South Ayrshire Council

interactive elearning content

Assess learners understanding

Create in-module assessments to get an insight into the learners understanding of a subject area. Using different types of questions such as multiple choice, drag and drop and free text.

With LAB Advanced's mobile-ready HTML output, your learners can keep up to date with training on any desktop or mobile device. Our priority is getting your contect to work for you and your team.

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